Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gorgeous New Library Renovation

I went to the library opening yesterday and as it happened I was the first patron through the door. I didn't mean to be. But a few days ago they called and said something that I had ordered about a month ago online finally came into Phoenicia. They also said they would be open on Friday for me to pick it up. I had to go to Kingston that day so I needed to get there, get it and get on with my day. So I was there shortly after they opened the doors. A big smiling group of people was on hand to greet me, so it was very fun.

I highly recommend that everyone visit the new building. It is gorgeous and I think it will be an important hub of activity for the entire community.

Since I was on my way somewhere else I didn't have too much time to take photos but here are some that I took to give you all a sneak peek until you can get there yourself.

Kudos to everyone who worked so hard to make this renovation a reality. You did a really great job!!!