Sunday, October 26, 2014

Library Plans For December Re-opening

Looks like the Phoenicia Library is planning to re-open in December. Here is the update they sent out recently.

The News You’ve Been Waiting For …

Phoenicia Library Move to Begin in December

Dear Patrons, 

We're busy here at the library, as we prepare for the move back to our 48 Main Street building. Harmony Builders' amazing crew is almost done their part in making a beautiful and energy efficient building. Ben Mack Furniture has built, as a donation to the community, a wonderful custom circulation desk for the staff.

All we await is the delivery of the shelving. Unfortunately, there have been significant delays on the part of the shelving company. We’ve been told the shelves will not arrive until the third week of November. This will put us around the beginning of December for our move over to Main Street. Until that time, we will be open as usual at our Ava Maria location. 

Once we move, the library staff will be taking time to set up and train in the new space. We'll fill you in the details as we get closer, but what it means is that Phoenicia Library will be closed entirely for 2-3 weeks to allow the staff enough time to make the library a library. Patrons will not be able to check out books or pick up holds at the library. Details are below in the FAQ section and we apologize sincerely for the disruption.

Thank you for all your support as we take this time to make this a great library for years to come. More details, such as our specific closing date, our re-opening date and our Grand Opening Party to follow as we are closer to the time.

Sincerely, Your Friends at Phoenicia Library

Frequently Asked Questions

When will you move? When will you re-open?

If the shelving company delivers our bookcases on time, we anticipate closing and moving around the first week of December. We hope to re-open on or prior to January 1. These dates will become more definite once the shelving has finally been delivered.

Why do you have to close for so long?

Since we’ve been in the temporary space, out collections have been split. Some is on display, and some is in storage. We will be bringing all of these materials back together in our expanded space. In addition, the building is not only new to the community, but new to our staff. Part of our closure will be used to train staff on the new space and new technology.
What services will be available during the closure?

Phoenicia Library will not be operating except as a drop-off point for returns at our drop box.

Once we close: if you wish to obtain a book during this time, please have it sent to another library that is convenient to you, such as Olive or Pine Hill libraries, for pickup. When you place a hold online, you may choose a library other than Phoenicia for pick up location. Otherwise, all books that are coming from other libraries will be available for pickup once we open at Main Street.

How can the community help?

We are so grateful for all the offers of volunteer help during the move. We will use library staff and a professional moving company to do the move, and do not anticipate needing community volunteers. However, we do need your help in other ways:

You can help us spread the word! Tell your neighbors, friends, and family that we’re closed, and check our website and FB for updates.

You can be patient during this time of delay and transition. While we are working on a move that is efficient, timely, and smooth, we know that there will be unforeseen issues and problems that occur. Please bear with us and know that we are working to get your library up and running as soon as possible.

We may need help with other projects through the Friends of the Library, so stayed tuned!

What if I need to contact the library while you are closed?

Our phones will be down for a short while during the move, but we anticipate getting them online quickly to receive messages. Please be patient as we attempt to get back to you. You can always call another library if you need help getting a specific item delivered to another library while we are closed. Finally, you can email staff or via our website.

Thank you for all your help since the fire. Thanks to you we are almost home!