Sunday, December 15, 2013

This Round Of Snow Is Done

Good Morning everyone, I am happy to tell you that the snow has stopped. The final total for this storm is somewhere around 11 inches. Because of drifting, I get different measurements in different places but that was the reading I got most of the time.

The temperatures have risen into the high 20's so the snow has gotten significantly heavier than it was last night. It has been much harder to shovel. But I am making headway.

From what I can see of WV Road (I still haven't left my property) it looks like the town has salted and sanded and kept the road passable. But driving slowly and cautiously is still recommended. And remember, in a lot of places there is a layer of ice at the bottom of all this snow from previous storms. So watch your step!!!

I recommend wearing ice traction cleats in this weather. Last year, Marietta at Morne Imports had some that you slip-on over your boots. I don't know if she has them again but it is worth asking. They are a godsend in this weather. I keep one pair at my back door and one pair in the car. Just a suggestion. But, if nothing else, wear shoes with decent treads. This is not the weather for your 5 inch Jimmy Choo's so just let go of the idea of fashionable footwear for winter here in the valley.

So that's all for this storm folks. I hope wherever you are you are safe and warm!