Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Election Results November 2013

The results are in and here is how it shook out for Shandaken. I noted the party affiliation of each candidate after their names although in this election many of the candidates were crossed endorsed.

Town Supervisor - Rob Stanley (R)
Town Board Members - Faye Storms (D)
                                       Tim Malloy (D)
Assessor - Peter DiModica (D)
Justices - Mike Miranda (D)
               Tom Crucet (R)
Highway Supervisor - Eric Hofmeister (R)

Statewide Propositions - Please note that these are the STATE WIDE results for these questions. The Shandaken results are slightly different (Shandaken residents voted NO on Proposition 5).

Proposition 1 - Yes
Proposition 2 - Yes
Proposition 3 - Yes
Proposition 4 - Yes
Proposition 5 - Yes
Proposition 6 - No