Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weed Walk Report

Last Saturday's weed walk (sponsored by the Woodland Community Association) with Violet Snow on the Larkin Farm property was great fun! We had an interested and engaged group with whom Violet happily shared her vast knowledge of the flora and fauna. We ended the afternoon with a picnic in the field. Fabulous caterer and WCA member Marcey Brownstein provided some delicious lemonade and the talented Rebecca Miller Ffrench (chef, author, stylist and also WCA member) surprised and delighted everyone with a gorgeous cake and some scrumptious scones.

Thanks to Violet for sharing her knowledge, the Larkin Farm Association for hosting the walk, Marcey Brownstein for the best lemonade I have ever had and Rebecca Ffrench Miller for taking our picnic to a whole other level with beautiful and delicious desserts. I think everyone had a wonderful time. 

All photos below are by Josh Sheldon (thanks Josh!) except for the last two which are from Rebecca Miller Ffrench.