Thursday, June 13, 2013


Driving home from town the other day I saw a car stopped on Woodland Valley Road near the intersection of Muddy Brook. Since I know that usually when you see a car randomly pulled over on the side of the road there is some interesting animal activity that the driver is watching, I stopped too. Low and behold, there was a large snapping turtle crossing the road. A few other cars stopped and everyone checked out the fabulous creature. After we made sure that he/she got across the road safely and didn't get hit by a car (he/she retreated into a ditch), I got my phone out and took a couple of photos. You can't really tell the size of it from the pictures but it was about a foot across. It was a very cool thing to see. But I kept my distance because these turtles can be feisty and dangerous!! After a while we all bid the turtle and each other happy trails and went our separate ways. But it was yet another wondrous, natural experience here in the valley.