Saturday, May 25, 2013

WV Hikers - Wildflower Hike Report

Paul Misko sent this report about the Woodland Valley hikers "Wildflower Hike" last Saturday. Here is what Paul had to say.

"It was a perfect day for a photo hike, with the hazy filtered sunlight, and barely a breeze. Perfect for grabbing some flower photos. There were a lot of downed trees from recent storms to climb over and around, as we visited each patch of blossoms along the way, much like a swarm of bees would do. Along the way we found a deer antler, and someone almost thought they may have possibly heard a bear, but it proved to be inconclusive. Several tips were shared, such as using a small magnifying glass in front of the camera lens to give you more macro capabilities. We eventually returned to civilization without losing a single hiker."

- Paul Misko