Friday, October 8, 2010

More About Flood Insurance

Yesterday I posted the message I had been sent from Cornell Cooperative about filing a flood damage report. In the text of the message they directed anyone who needed flood insurance to a website. WV resident Jeff Schwartz emailed me with some concerns about the link. Here is what he had to say.

"Just to let you know that the link that you have to Floodsmart is a web site for an independent insurance agent.

If you have had experience with them and are recommending them, that is OK.

However be advised that any insurance Agent/Broker can sell flood insurance if they are so certified. FEMA's Agent Directory

What I see as a marketing ploy by this agency is that they

1. State on the top of their that they are "The National Flood Agency" and display an American flag to give the impression that they are somehow related to the Govt program, they are only an agent.

2. They took the name and locked in the web site address of Floodsmart.COM to mimic FEMA's Flood insurance's AGENTS web site Floodsmart.GOV

As a side note you can get the FEMA Flood map of your area by street address on the web.

Stay Dry in the Valley"


I think Jeff is totally right and the website that CC meant to direct folks to is So you can go to the official FEMA website and find an agent there. Sorry for the confusion, I just posted the information that was sent to me. I have corrected the original post.